I am currently studying Mathematics and Philosophy at National University of Singapore (NUS). I enjoy writing, the activity that integrates the flow of my thoughts and a sense of control. By setting up this blog, I wish to share my academic progress, life experiences, creative writings and thoughts.

This blog contains abstracts of my academic essays, reflections, and summary notes. Hopefully, these notes and explorations can benefit others who take the same course and facilitate intellectual discussions among like-minded people. My main academic interests include Mathematics and Philosophy, but you can still find many more topics in my blog.

I like reading and watching movies when I am free. As a result of that, a considerable number of posts are movie or book reviews. There are also some posts that are designed to exhibit the pictures that I took when I traveled.

I write in two languages – Simplified Chinese and English. I am trying to be fluent in both languages, but I have to admit that my Mother Tongue, Chinese, will always be the rhythm that is closer to my heart.

You may subscribe using your WordPress account or simply your email address. Please feel free to leave your comments for any post. If you want to discuss anything with me personally, you can also email me at txbb0713@gmail.com. Alternatively, you may also leave a comment in the “Leave Your Comments” page.