Me Before You (2016)


In a dark cinema theatre where the air-condition almost froze my blood vessel, an unrealistically good-looking man kissed his girlfriend on the screen, or should I say, their lips overlapped for ten seconds. I was sitting in between a large group of Secondary girls who took off their shoes and kept kicking their seats while giggling and screaming whenever the lips explicitly or implicitly overlapped. They understood that it was inappropriate to behave in such a manner in the public, but their rationality was clearly defeated by their hormone. As a matter of fact, the main characters in the movie were flirting 70% of the time, and those Secondary girls enjoyed every second.

I do not intend to sound mean but the movie is indeed unconvincing and confusing, with the problematic message that handicapped people should all kill themselves because only the healthy can enjoy their lives, achieve their life purposes and find self-worth. The movie is another typical, if not cliched, cinderella story about a poor but kind girl meeting a dreamy but asexual guy, and they finally fall in love while money takes care of everything else. The creators and performers of the film did nothing to elevate their love and portrayed their lives as endless flirting. They did a good job creating topics of discussion and perhaps even securing a marginal success in terms of box office, but the story on the whole has no depth or thoughts. The three marks are awarded to the (somehow special) chemistry between the two main casts and the beautiful natural landscape.

I have seldom been so confused, in a bad way, by the ending of a movie. It ends with much abruption. I felt that the love did not achieve anything, not even let the guy live for the girl for one more day. The girl did nothing but in a way convince the extremely self-centred guy that he should just die. ‘Live Boldly’ was shown on the poster of the film, but clearly nobody did that in the movie. But these confusions might still be insignificant. After all, those Secondary girls choked with tears upon watching the ending. The movie is really for them, hands down.


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