Short Review: Central Intelligence (2016)


Central Intelligence offers a comical and politically correct story that is perhaps best used to pass a boring afternoon. Its humorous, down-to-earth lines generally amuse the audience, and the funny chemistry between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson proves that their first cooperation is a success and somehow combines the charm of the two. The pace of the story is well set to secure the audience attention while the exercise-changes-your-life message is easily appreciated.

However, more informed viewers tend to be critical about the movie’s lack of depth and inconsistency regarding its use of humour. The main casts are playing themselves (or how the public perceive them) most of the time under an unconvincing, if not absurd, plot with key turning points being too simplified and background settings illogical. The unsophisticated screenplay fails to fully utilise the talents of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, nor does it convince the audience of their seemingly impossible partnership.

Overall, Central Intelligence is worth watching if one just wants something light-hearted to rest one’s brain after a heavy working week, or for someone enjoys watching Johnson’s biceps. It is less recommended for more critical viewers who may perhaps seek inspiration and sophistication in a movie.

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