(Dec 2016) 凤凰古镇

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December is usually not the month when Chinese people travel to old-fasioned towns like Feng Huang because of the cold weather. I therefore had the privilege to enjoy the street alone. Some shops had been closed in winter, and others was decorating their rooms to welcome their customers next summer. The road was  a bit slippery because of the light rain in the morning.
I like these umbrellas, although I am not sure whether they can handle the tropical storms of Singapore. They are mostly hand-made and paper-based. The red colour agrees with the red Dui Lian (couplet), perhaps only in the time before new year.
I purposefully tilted my camera to the right since there was some construction work on my left. This wall (or statue?), although hid among the modern town buildings, should be the main gate of the old town.


There were many bars on my right. The bars mostly featured singing (or shouting?) singles although my dad eagerly joined them as well. The shining lights of the bar contrasted the dim old town across the river, and the tower in front connected the two parts of the town.
I was sitting in a bar with my overly bitter expresso before taking this picture.
I finally found the so-called 后悔药 (medication that cured your regret), although what inside were mostly vitamins. The other bottles contained vitamins too although the names suggested otherwise.

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