What Does a Poet Do (Poem)

When stars abandon the tearful night
and solitude substitutes the quiet sea breeze
A poet guards the diluted memory
and sentiment conquered by reason
A poet listens, feels and rationalises
A poet is a sympathiser

When the broken string cuts short your song
and the cobblestone of time covered with slippery moss
A poet revitalises the buried vocabulary
and the tapestry of humanity dusted with oblivion
A poet remembers every suffocated dream and bittersweet farewell
A poet is a historian

When the iceberg of affection hides its lips beneath water
and the doorknob of wisdom locks the footsteps of ignorance
A poet deciphers message behind every gaze
and crystallises forgotten rivers of thought
A poet takes snippets of moment before they melt under the sun
A poet is a thief

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