Ghost (Poem)

Mrs Chen never believed in ghosts even though she worked as a fortune teller She never cared about the things she told others and nothing bizarre had ever occurred in her life The sun rose from the east of her tiny village every morning while she fed the pigs and cleaned the yard before making…

Mothers of Tiananmen (Poem)

You will not recognise their eyes
They are street cleaners, retired professors
But you will sink into their gaze
transparent, earnest and quiet
It doesn’t matter where they came from
It only matters where they are standing now

What Does a Poet Do (Poem)

When stars abandon the tearful night
and solitude substitutes the quiet sea breeze
A poet guards the diluted memory
and sentiment conquered by reason

Mobilising Philosophical Insight (Rationale)

Everyone is capable of doing philosophy; human minds are just mysteriously capable of transcending limits of repetitive daily lives and asking foundational questions related to existence, purpose, morality and knowledge. I hope to mobilise philosophical insight among people regardless of their education or social backgrounds. I hope that my stories can engaged them and guide them in future decision-makings. Above all, philosophy should be accessible to every curious mind, not just philosophers.

Abyss (Short Story)

My parents seldom mentioned my brother to me during my early childhood as if his death had faded into the periphery of life, except it never had, since my existence was a perpetual affirmation of his short visit to the world.

Pagoda Tree (Poem)

I wonder whether there will be days, when I wake up without tears and helplessness, when I look into my winkled body without hatred, when I can stand, speak, and sing. Children swing under my shadow, as if there is no growth, no rebellion, no solitude. Lovers share their boxes of chocolates, as if there…

Writing, Life, and My Writing Life

When I first came to study in Singapore six years ago, English was my nightmare. For me, writing English essays was similar to a direct translation exercise from Chinese to English. As a result of that misconception, I constructed awkward sentences with improper structures and funny expressions that hardly make sense. The awareness that words…

Stay (Short Fiction)

The last man on Earth was hiding in his basement. The ringtone of his phone pierced through the silence. His phone, with the screen showing JEAN BROWN, trembled with his hands. With much excitement, the man knew that his teenage daughter was alive. “If you want to survive, you will do exactly what I am…