Cultural Exchange and Cultural Surrendering

When I was asked why I wanted to go to The Netherlands for a semester, I quickly considered cultural exchange as an important reason. I fantisiced making new friends from different countries and learning their perspectives. I was excited about the idea of visiting Paris, the cultural centre of Europe, and reading philosophical texts from the continental tradition. My plans have been well executed so far, although I would rather re-consider whether cultural exchange is an accurate term decribing my semester abroad, or in general my experience of studying abroad away from my Chinese home.

Writing, Life, and My Writing Life

When I first came to study in Singapore six years ago, English was my nightmare. For me, writing English essays was similar to a direct translation exercise from Chinese to English. As a result of that misconception, I constructed awkward sentences with improper structures and funny expressions that hardly make sense. The awareness that words… Continue reading Writing, Life, and My Writing Life

A Tribute to Alan Rickman

  I was really shocked and extremely sad to hear about the death of Alan Rickman. I feel deeply sorry for his family, and may Mr. Rickman rest in peace. As a matter of fact, I know very little about Mr.Rickman, except for his portrayal of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and his… Continue reading A Tribute to Alan Rickman

Why do I major in Pure Mathematics

Why Mathematics? This is the question that I received constantly in the past semester, and indeed many people found my decision of studying Pure Mathematics puzzling. If I said that I had found beauty and eternity in Mathematics, I would be weird although that was exactly what I believed. In the end, I often chose… Continue reading Why do I major in Pure Mathematics