(June 2017) Kioloa Coast, Australia

I am in the country of Kangaroos! There is just a kangaroo next to the canteen on the Kioloa Campus, ANU. She seems to have a baby in her ‘pocket’! I am sorry if the picture looks a bit blurred; I need to zoom in quite a lot to capture the animal without disturbing her (or have I already disturbed her peace?).
This is one of my favourite pictures. I like how the sky and the beach connect in a thin line somewhere far away in the Pacific Ocean. I went to the Kioloa beach sometime in the afternoon. It was about the time for sunset.
This is the tallest tree I have seen around the Kioloa costal area. I was so inspired that people could still live with nature instead of just exploiting nature, and how nature can be treated as an enchanted soul instead of an exploitable resource. The tree may have live for over a thousand years.
Two colourful birds you will only see on a paint advertisement!