Recommended Reading List for GP and SAT

These lists of books and movies aim to improve Pre-University students’ cultural literacy about the Western civilisation, or in particular, the English-speaking world. The lists also help them acquire broader, more insightful perspectives for critical writing classes. Compiled based on personal engagement and scholarly assessments, the reading/watching lists contains essential selections that are meaningful for the preparations of standardised tests and undergraduate education.

On GP Essay Conclusions

After discussing the strategies of writing an introduction and a body paragraph, I shall also talk about how to write a conclusion for a GCE-A'Level General Paper essay. Candidates tend to overlook the significance of a conclusion because it is the last paragraph in an essay, and most of them are running out of time.… Continue reading On GP Essay Conclusions

GP: Paragraph Development (2)

In this post, I shall discuss some examples regarding paragraph development. Example 1 Additionally, some may challenge the importance of celebrating such hero. They believe that such heroes are formed from mere acts. Given the circumstances, background and a little luck, they feel that anyone could have done the same thing. On many occasions, sceptics… Continue reading GP: Paragraph Development (2)

GP: Paragraph Development (1)

The quality of body paragraphs is essential for a GP essay. How well one can logically construct and develop arguments directly impacts one's content score. In most Junior Colleges of Singapore, students are taught to follow the TEEL structure (Topic Sentence, Elaboration/Explanation, Example, Link). I will follow this basic structure and discuss the expectations as… Continue reading GP: Paragraph Development (1)

GP – How to write a good introduction for Paper 1?

Introduction is a crucial component for a GP essay, and many candidates do not know how to write effective introductions or simply write highly mechanical introductions that fail to engage their readers. A good introduction should contain at least three parts. First, an interesting and relevant hook, or starter. Second, an overview of the essay… Continue reading GP – How to write a good introduction for Paper 1?

An unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates). Do you agree?

This is probably the last essay that I will write before my GP Exam next Monday. I would like to share it not because I believe that it is very well-written (in fact, there may be many mistakes), but because I really like this quote of Socrates, and feel the passion to write my thoughts… Continue reading An unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates). Do you agree?

Consider the view that Mathematics possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.

The following essay is actually my class assignment for GP. It is one of the essays that I am most proud of. Wish myself all the best for the upcoming GP Exam! Note that the question is adopted from Singapore-GCE A'Level 2012 General Paper P1. Consider the view that Mathematics possesses not only truth, but… Continue reading Consider the view that Mathematics possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.